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William (Bill) Robertson
Prince George Board of Supervisor

 William (Bill) Robertson for Board of Supervisor
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William Robertson for Board of SupervisorI am a fiscal conservative who will continue to work to ensure you get a dollars worth of value for every dollar spent. I realize every tax dollar collected is money you will not have to purchase basic needs and wants.

Vist my campaign website at

A few accomplishments of my 14 years on the Board:

  • After attempts in 2010 & 2011, I got passed Staggered Term Elections in 2012. Staggered terms became effective with the November 03, 2015 elections.
  • Paid off over six million dollars of bond debt earlier than expected or required.
  • When I took office on January 1, 2004 the Real Estate tax rate was 95 cents; it has been lowered and is presently 86 cents. This was due to aggressively recruiting of businesses to locate in Prince George County.
  • The above actions allowed the County to seek and obtain an up-grade in its bond rating, from A2 All the way up to AA+.
  • Purchased six new fire trucks to provide a new truck at each firehouse.
  • Provided additional resources to the School System.
  • Provided funding for the replacement of North Elementary School. The new school has increased our elementary capacity by about 400 students.
  • Opened a new Library near the Prince George County Courthouse and a new Animal Shelter on Route 460.
  • Got tax payments split into twice a year, instead of once a year in December.
  • Got rid of the County Decal you had to place on your windshield each year.
  • Established, through a community involvement process, a new Comprehensive Plan for the future growth of the County.
  • Hired EMS providers to assist the Volunteer Emergency Crew in providing quicker ambulance response. The volunteers have and still do provide excellent emergency medical service. Due to the increased County population and two interstates passing through the County, emergency medical needs have increased dramatically.

  • As an elected official I believe I have an obligation to County residents to keep the tax burden as low as possible. The delivery of services costs money, but I believe we must do what we can to deliver those services at the lowest possible cost. To this end, I have argued against (and voted against) many items which I felt were excess spending during these tough economic times.

    I have over 44 years of public service, from serving in the Marine Corps, and working for the City of Richmond, County of Prince George and the State of Virginia. I see the Board of Supervisors as a way to continue my service to the citizens of Prince George County. With over 20 years of administrative experience in local government, I feel my knowledge and experience can and has made a difference. Having been an employee of local government, I provide a unique perspective to the Board’s decision-making process.

    I represent the County's interest on the Gateway Regional Economic Development Board, Workforce Development Board and The Virginia Association of Ckounties Executive Board.

    I bring a strong background in local government to the Board of Supervisors. In addition to currently being a member of the Board, I have been appointed by the Virginia Association of Counties (VACO), for two years as Chairman of the Administration of Government Steering Committee, three years as Chairman of the Retirement and Compensation Steering Committee, and am presently serving as a member of the Finance Steering Committee. The National Association of Counties has appointed me to the Justice and Public Safety Steering Committee. Steering committees research and provide information and recommendations as to what direction or course of action the Association should follow.

    For the past two years I have been a member of the Executive Board of the Virginia Association of Counties, I am currently President Elect of VACO. I also currently serve on the Executive Board of the Coalition of High Growth Communities.

    Economic Development, Education, Growth in the County, and Developing a reasonable Budget while keeping the tax rate as low as possible.


  • I grew up on a farm (which I still own) where we raised grains, beef cattle and tobacco.
  • I served three years active duty and five years reserve duty in the United States Marine Corps. One year served in Vietnam. I earned eleven ribbons & medals and two written commendations.
  • I joined the Richmond Police Department in 1968. Thirty years later I retired as a Captain. I commanded the largest Precinct, 153 personnel. Commanded Professional Standards Division, which included Internal Affairs, Audit & Inspections, and OSHA – workmen’s compensation related matters. My last assignment was Commander of Detectives.
  • I served two years as Prince George County’s Police Chief.
  • I served six years with the Virginia State Capitol Division of Police.
  • I have been married for 50 years to Maxine Richards and we have two sons and five grandsons.


  • I have not only observed County government operations from the outside looking in, but also I have been a part of it. I attended the staff meetings – worked the budget, and heard the real problems within the Departments. This service gives me a unique perspective of County government.
  • I served on the Travelers Aid Society of Virginia Board of Directors. I served two years as their Treasurer.
  • I served on the Richmond Police Department Credit Union Board of Directors for over ten years. Two of those years I served as Vice-President and three years as President of the Board.
  • I served on the Board of Directors of the Richmond Police Benevolent Association for six years. This was a 41 million-dollar investment retirement fund for Richmond Police Officers, owned and managed by the Officers.
  • I was appointed by City Council to serve on Richmond’s Personnel Board. By serving on this Board I received training in personnel law and the state required grievance procedures. This Board established the City’s personnel rules and was the final hearer of facts in grievance cases.
  • I am an alumnus of the Professional Executive Leadership School sponsored by the VACP and the University of Richmond, Management Institute.
  • I am an alumnus of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy.


  • Fair

  • Objective

  • Dependable

  • Knowledge

  • I told my fellow Board Members that I would volunteer for the two year term required to get the staggered terms process implemented, if they would approve it. To that end, I have placed a letter on file with the Electoral Board stating I am volunteering for the District 2, two year term if elected on November 3, 2015.

    I want to thank you for taking the time to read my information. I would greatly appreciate your consideration of casting your vote, for Prince George County, District 2 Supervisor, for me. I may be contacted at:

    Phone: 804-458-4324