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Prince George Virginia Republican Committee

national debt

PG Representatives

Emily Brewer

Emily Brewer is elected to Virginia's 64th District of the House of Delegates Read More

Riley Ingram

Riley Ingram is elected to Virginia's 62th District of the House of Delegates
Read More

Frank Ruff

Frank Ruff is elected to Virginia's 15th District Senate.
Read More


Our committee works off donations
so please donate to help.

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Do you have or know someone that has property that would allow us to put one of these 4x8 signs on their property. This is a great opportunity to get the word out so others that want to help our country, our county, our party and preserve our rights to know where they can go to join others who are already working for the same thing. Our committee works off of donations to put these signs up. Will you help?

Sign Project Contact:

Wayne Cunningham


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